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About Martin Evans

I am a qualified architect and work in London running a small office focusing mainly on residential projects.  I am also a qualified Urban Designer.  As the principal, I get the opportunity to draw every day and I thoroughly enjoy being able to communicate through my pen.  Holding a pen or pencil is an important part of my creative thinking process and drawing is such a cohesive impulsive / way to communicate ideas.


I occasionally keep sketchbooks on holidays or travels and have enjoyed the connection with a place sitting in the sun sketching what I see.  I find this a much more engaging way to experience a place rather than through the lens of a camera or any other handheld gadget.


Painting was something new for me, having not done anything serious since A level, I decided to take up painting as an evening class and began in 2012 with on a course entitled painting for beginners at The Slade.   This was a wonderful experience and gave me the confidence to keep going.  After a couple of terms attending life drawings a I fell in portrait painting by accident but thoroughly enjoy the discipline.


I am now a fully fledged attendee of evening classes at the Hampstead School of Art and continue with portrait painting.  I am also learning landscape painting in my spare time and love the landscape of Hampstead Heath, Worcestershire, and Northern Tuscany.  


Finding the time to paint is difficult so I have decided to treat myself to a sabbatical in 2016.  I have been fortunate enough to win a place as an artist in residency at the Chalk Hill Art Residency in Northern California where I will be painting the landscape of the wine growing region for the month of October 2016.

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